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Según datos del Eurobarómetro de índices de lectura, referidos a 2003, quienes más leen habitualmente son los suecos (un 71,8%), seguidos de los finlandeses (66,2%), los luxemburgueses (55,8%), daneses (54,9%), holandeses (52,9%) y alemanes (49,8%). El resto de los países se encuentran bajo la media, que es del 44,8%.

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"And it can't just be because he's good looking or else she's going to come across as incredibly shallow." Speedman, the series' creators agreed, had looks That quality has made Speedman a hit in the critically acclaimed (although less than highly rated) series, now heading into its third season.

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Le più antiche forme di scrittura conosciute erano quindi principalmente logografiche.

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Using similar sites, couples can also perform on camera for the enjoyment of others.

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You are still going to receive the confirmation email in your Gmail inbox and then you would also get the free month of Netflix just like previously.