There's a lot more about Sheila in both this story and my accounting so read SFL too (excuse the plug for my own work). * * * * * I awoke after a restful sleep to find I was alone in bed.

He nodded at me, "The silverware is in the first drawer there; napkins are on the counter at the end." I set up the three of us to eat at the kitchen bar, putting myself at one end.

That would make sure that Em and Wes sat side by side.

Despite having located my things, I still didn't dress.

I paid enough attention to Wes' conversation to comprehend that he was arranging actors for a video shoot this afternoon and Sunday. " I nodded and sat on one of the high stools at the raised kitchen counter.

I hope you feel you know me, and that I'm genuine and not pretending to be something I'm not." "I do. I've always liked you a great deal." "I'm kind of hoping you'd move in with me." Em jerked away from Wes totally shocked at his statement. Oh, god, I'm gonna cry." Em was waving her hand around fanning her face and at the house, at Wes, and at me in a nervous gesture.

She glanced at me, and the look of disbelief on her face clearly showed. " She whirled back to Wes, "Are you serious or are you teasing me? When I looked at her face I could see her eyes were all teary.I did see neat piles of the clothes each of us wore on the sideboard in the dining room.Wes had apparently gathered everything together, and taken care of it.But the real reason is because I like your company and the way you think. I accept your complements, and I do hope you sink you shaft into me later." She reached over and carefully moved the napkin in Wes' lap so she could wrap her hand around his semi-inflated cock and stroke it a few times. My idea of dating is to hang out together most of the time, and that's really what I'm asking.I want you to hang out with me, and see where we end up.I don't want them to think I live this high on the hog.