Ruth Davidson today refused to rule out taking over from Theresa May today amid speculation she is being lined up as a 'Stop Boris' candidate.

The Scottish Tory leader insisted she was 'not standing' for the leadership - but stopped short of saying she never wanted the top job.

And in her speech to the Tory faithful at the conference, Ms Davidson said she has no plans to move to London but did not explicitly rule it out.

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In a strongly-worded attack on the Foreign Secretary today, former deputy prime minister Lord Heseltine renewed his call for Mr Johnson to be sacked.

He said the position was 'unsustainable' after two recent interventions by Mr Johnson setting out his personal approach to the Brexit talks.

Ms Davidson said: 'I have watched as Nicola Sturgeon sold out rock venues. 'As she sold foam fingers to the faithful so they could point at the sky as she flew in a helicopter she’d slapped her face on, over their heads....'Politics is not for faint hearts.

It’s not about what’s in fashion or who is the absolute boy.'It’s about making the case for what you believe in.'It’s about service and duty and getting the job done. And giving everyone the chance to get on.' But in a sign of the PM's weakness, Mrs May dodged questions this morning about whether he was 'unsackable'.

Spelling out her party vision, she said: 'A party that reaches out to every corner of our country with a level head, but also an open heart.'And with a clear set of values.

That strong families are the foundation of a stable society.'A good education is the key to a lifetime of opportunity.'That everybody should have a safe and secure home.'That there should be a job for everyone who wants to work – and that pay should be fair.'And she blasted the Labour leader, saying it takes far more than a theme tune to be a PM. With incredulity, the response to the Labour party conference this week.'Commentators, who should know better, declaring Jeremy Corbyn as a shoo-in to number 10, just because Glastonbury chanted his name to the White Stripes.'She said she saw a similar cult of personality spring up around Nicola Sturgeon, but that has come crashing down.

Edwina Currie intervened to praise the panel of young Scottish MPs including Paul Masterson and Kirstene Hair.

Ms Currie said: 'Listening to you is hugely impressive.

Mr Johnson has been criticised for maneuvering to take over from Mrs May in the wake of her disastrous election - which saw the Tories stripped of their overall majority.

He is reported to have told friend that Mrs May cannot survive in No10 for more than another year.

Ms Davidson was asked at a fringe event today if she would rule out ever running for the Tory leadership and if Mrs May should sack Mr Johnson.‘I am not standing to be the leader of the party.