Urgent Prayers Needed When All Doors Have Closed PLEASE offer your prayers for a couple who have no-one to pray for them. has been unemployed for three years since moving with …

Please Pray For Healing And Restoration Of Marriage Please pray for the healing and restoration of my marriage.

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I ask that you please find a spot in my supervisors heart to not …

Prayer For Marriage Restoration For All Troubled Marriages Reconciliation Of Families I join all the women and men who are in prayers for their marriage restoration.

Desperately Need Prayers Offered And Answered Today!!!

I have prayed and been patient and looked and looked for work.

Abused Woman Seeks Spiritual Emotional Wholeness Again I just broke up with my fiance, as it was an abusive relationship that I stayed in far too long.

It is my desire to be returned to emotional, mental and …

I am 53, penniless and utterly destitute and suffer from mental and emotional illnesses. Disabled: Please Pray For Financial Well-Being I have become completely disabled and am barely able to cope.

Please pray for disability to go through, I am in final stages of a very long process. Prayers For College Acceptance - Starting New Career I've made the decision to go back to school full time. Sister Needs Prayers Against Influence Of Evil Spirits Please pray hard for my older sister, who has been hearing evil voices for the past 3 years.

Marriage Needs To Be Saved Restored And Healed My husband and I applied for divorce just a month ago and he has already moved on with another woman.

But I am desperate for us to reconcile and give our …

Others are willingly waiting to hear your prayer requests and to begin praying for you.