He basically kissed the collective ass of the network and begged them to treat him as good as they treated Candiace and to increase the time of his segments.

However before he could continue, the network cut to a commercial. Seeing as how wrestling was still somewhat popular and seeing how as celebrity involvement had always seemed to work, Nickelodeon had WWE chairman, Vince Mc Mahon and Former 38th President of the United States and World Heavyweight Champion/WWE Supreme Ruler/Demi God, Triple H.

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The show had become so watered down, boring, vulgar, and included so many unscripted and explicit moments that it made WCW 's dying days look like good television.

Nickelodeon made many attempts to bring the show back to it's former glory.

Following this decision, the company sent him a letter. Brent himself treated the show's audience to yet another crazy and completely unscripted moment.

However, unlike Antonio whom ranted because he was too stupid to understand the real situation, Brent basically went off and sobbed like a baby on air for real.

However it's glory days were when it had real competition, it's segments didn't feel like they were dragging ass, and it's cast didn't act like a bunch of dumbasses.

In the months that followed, U-Pick Live would receive it's lowest ratings ever (even though their ratings were never stellar) and plentiful lawsuits and complaints from it's audience.

You know, I'm so sick and tired of those smile sipping bigots in the big office telling me I'm crazy.

Almost everyday, when I walk in this god forsaken building, I'm constantly being told what to do and what to say when my two non-Latino cast mates cracka Candace Boring and Brent Who the heck cares what your last name is get to write their own segments and say exactly what they wanna say.

Needless to say, Antonio totally misunderstood the situation for what it really was.