You can see that Eclipse is updating indexes and it's doing it from Maven central repository,

If you had configured internal nexus repository then it will download from there.

At first you will see it's not working as shown in first screenshot.

If this option is enabled then Eclipse will download repository index from configured location e.g.

Maven central or Nexus and every time Eclipse will start it will just do update.

If that file is not download or not exist due to any reason, Maven's dependency search will not work in Eclipse.

That's why you need to check the option "Download repository Index updates on startup".

Then I quickly checked Maven settings in Eclipse and found that the option which is required to download and build the index was not turned on. To give you some background about how Eclipse search dependency on Maven remote repository, be it default Maven central or internal Nexus repository.

Eclipse search artifact dependency on repository's index file.

You should also check the option "Do not automatically update dependencies from remote repositories", because that will download latest build every time they were pushed into Maven central repository.

By the way, this error has nothing to do with Eclipse Luna.

It is the Global repository on which Maven central library ( is configured.