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Even so, just because a man earns a lot of money and runs his own business doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a figure of authority – Napoleon, measuring less than 5’7”, on the other hand, most certainly was.

Even if height does suggest a higher status, this status isn’t one of authority by default.

"The rarely spoken truth," she said, "is that most women, it seems, want to feel all tiny compared to their partner." Earlier this year, a study by Rice University and the University of North Texas titled "Does Height Matter?

An Examination of Height Preferences in Romantic Coupling," revealed that women do prefer the BFG-look over the Oompa Loompa one. personal dating advertisements, found that only 13.5 per cent of the men declared a preference for women who were shorter than they were; whereas 48.9 per cent of the women insisted on dating men who were taller than they were.

The study found that most referees were taller than their assistants; "height was positively associated with authoritative behaviour"; and that "taller referees were better able to maintain control of the game" and display social dominance.

Simply put, if I’d have been referring the Uruguay match two weeks a go, Godin would’ve been sent to the stands for a second yellow, England would’ve made it through to the last sixteen, and I’d have swanned off with Suarez’s missus.

My first night in a club, I was promised by my older cousin, would be a night I would never forget.

Twenty minutes through the door and ten Aftershocks later and it already felt like a night I would never remember – and then came Jemima.

She gave me the once over, looked into my eyes and said: “I like ‘em tall” and that was that.

I woke up three hours later, delirious and deflowered, surrounded by bin bags in an alleyway somewhere on the outskirts of Bristol. She taught me a few things that night (a few more than I care to divulge here), but what I remember most was the sheer maniacal look on Jemima’s face when she realised how tall I was – it was a look I would soon become accustomed to and learn to use to my advantage.

Cohen found that the most common difference between the height of husband and wife was five to six inches. It’s not about being tall per se, but rather being taller than the object of your affection.