Abusive: Jaime Rosales was found guilty of causing injury to a child and sentenced to 15 years in jail. I thought I was dying anyway so I decided to admit that I’d done it to protect my sister because I love her.’The stress of the case caused Mayra's health to deteriorate to the point that she had to be admitted to a hospital for the super-obese, where she remains today, confined to a hospital bed.

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Please find attached pie chart as requested and let me know of any changes required.

From: Simon Edhouse Date: Monday 16 November 2009 4.11pm To: David Thorne Subject: Re: Re: Logo Design Is that supposed to be a fucking joke? I invested a lot more time and energy in those projects than you did.

I would like to catch up as I am working on a really exciting project at the moment and need a logo designed.

Basically something representing peer to peer networking.

January 10, 2018 | 166,593 Views Do wonders for your health this new year by axing this sweet vice from your life.

Not only can a small amount potentially harm your heart, it can also make you more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes, obesity, gout and, heaven forbid, a life-threatening neoplasia. January 10, 2018 | 29,125 Views This common daily hygiene practice may increase your risk of diabetes and high blood pressure by altering your oral microbiome.

If the deal goes ahead there will be some good money in it for you.

Disregarding the fact that you have still not paid me for work I completed earlier this year despite several assertions that you would do so, I would be delighted to spend my free time creating logos and pie charts for you based on further vague promises of future possible payment.

Most people feel it's easier to calculate their taxes than know how to stay healthy.

This simple strategy will put that notion to rest in a big hurry. January 9, 2018 | 12,715 Views Opioid overdose deaths continue to rise at an alarming rate, now taking more lives each year than some of the most prominent chronic diseases.

But after doctors revealed the death could only have been caused by a blow to the head, Ms Rosales confessed that she had invented the story to protect her sister Jaime, whom she claimed had struck the boy various times over his body with a hairbrush earlier the same day.