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These work quite well on nipples, and also on the clitoris. Tie a slipknot in a piece of dental floss and pull it snug on the submissive's nipples.

Remote-controlled vibrators and butt plugs are available at most sex toy stores these days.

During the evening, the friends can swap control of the remote controller device, and the submisive can try to guess who has it...

Brushes of various sorts are excellent on bare skin, especially when the submissive is blindfolded.

Make a zip strip: If you really feel adventurous, take about six wooden clothespins and drill a small hole in one handle of each one, near the end.

Then, tie the clothespins along a piece of twine, leaving about four inches or so between clothespins.

The result, called a "zipper" or "zip strip," is a series of clothespins that can be clamped in a row along your partner's body--for example, on your partner's belly, up along your partner's body, over your partner's breast, and on your partner's nipple.

Once the clothespins are in place, it's just a matter of finding exactly the right time to tug sharply on the twine, pulling the row of clothespins free, one after the other...

Each idea has a totally arbitrary kink rating, from one to five .

If you have any ideas you think should be here, let me know! You don't necessarily have to tell him or her exactly what you're planning; sometimes surprises are fun.

While they're fun to play with in their own right, in group or semi-public settings they are particularly wicked.