“Many of the guys who come to us are sick of being rejected in bars after building up the nerve to chat to a girl. And women want somebody with pure motives, not to discover six months down the line that the man of their dreams is actually married with three kids or is not interested in settling down,” she says.

Another couple who set up their own matchmaking service four years ago are Jennifer Haskins and Bill Phelan of Two’s Company (twoscompany.ie) who met through a dating agency.

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Keating advises women to “be kinder” to men who approach them, even if they’re uninterested.

“I wonder how it would be if women had to make the initial icebreaking move.

My next date was lovely a gentlemen but unfortunately for me the company never rang me to find out how it went.

I finally rang them and they informed me they hadn't realised I had been on a date 2, some excuse about computers been broken down etc etc.

Today Intro has members on its books ranging in age from 22 to 79.

Rena even had a call from a 90-year-old man last week interested in signing up and, she points out, there may be interested women in their 70s and 80s .

The cost of standard membership at Two’s Company is €595 for six months which also includes a meeting with the agency and the guarantee of a minimum of four introductions.

Hi just want to give people heads up on dating agencies - not the online ones. my specifics in the gentleman I would like to meet!

You don’t have to go out with them but you don’t have to hurt their feelings either,” she says.