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the material records of the early history of the Jews in this country, I have also to thank the editor and publisher of this series for allowing me to include in it a volume differing somewhat in design and inti^ntion from its fellows. It was my work in connection with that Exhibition which convinced me of the enormous mass of available material for the history of the Jews in this country, especially in its medieval phases.

At first intended to contain a selection from printed sources to illustrate the whole history up to [290, it has grown into an attempt at an exhaustive account, from both printed and manuscript sources, of the Jews of England up to izo6. I was at the same time convinced of the duty of English Jews to make this accessible, and I am grateful for the chance that has enabled me to perform part of this duty. THE JEWS OF ENGLAND UNDER THE ANGEVIN KINGS * The presence of the Jews in early England was due to a financial experiment of the Norman Kings, rendered necessary by the policy of the Church towards *' usury," but which ultimately became im- possible owing to its costly character and the rise of popular religious feeling due to the Crusades and the Friars.

A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. But if he cannot redeem him let him give the price he received for him and redeem another from slavery, and for three years let him refrain from flesh and wine and mead ; and on the lawful holidays in each week let him fast till nones and chew his food dry. But if infidels or heretics or faithless Jews be buried, it is not allowed to sanctify or celebrate mass ;. We find Gregory, when be be- e pope, complaining of the sale of Christian slaves to Jewish tave-dealers in the north of Gaul {Epistols, ix. 810] Christians and Moors fight one another, and nun of high station were brought law, and for Israel also that was a time of trouble. George at its first foundation, by which giving to the • M, Isidore Loeb [Recue del iludes juives, ivi.

Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. But if he be poor and per- adventure hath not wherewith he might redeem another, yet from his ow^n labours let him give some- thing and repent seven years. but if it seem suitable for consecration, tearing thence the bodies and scraping or washing the walls, let it be consecrated if it has not been so previously, xlvii. 35, 109, no), d it is probable, therefore, that they likewise crossed the Remembering that slaves have no nalvon'j.\i Vj , \ 1 FIRST SETTLEMENTS. For many fea)s fled from the sword from Germany /a Spain* and England, and many tongregations who hesitated to fly hallnved by their death the God of Israel by refusing to renounce Him, and thus there retnained in Germany scarcely a remnant or refugee on the day of the Divine wrath. 52) proposes to read Tsarfath (France) [or Sep/iar/id (Spain), as German Jews would naturally Hee to France, not Spain.

Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. Earle Two Anglo-Saxon CAron.] Seal, with Arabic Inscription, of Solomon ben Isaac 26 [From the original in possession of the Scottish Society of Antiquaries.] A Jewish Starr [from original in Brit. Edmund's to/ace 141 [From a sketch dated 1782, in the British Museum.] Jew stabbing Boy- Martyr 153 [From a MS. Museum.] Before 690.— The laws of the Church about the Jews.

Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. Clifford's Tower, York Frontispiece » [From Pennyfarthing's Architectural Skeiches^ 1812.] Martyrdom of St. Mus.] 77 Aaron of Lincoln's House [from a photo] to face 91 Clifford's Tower before 1668, from the Gentleman's Magazine, to /ace 123 Seal of Richard I.

Even in that case, the extracts will still be of use as throwing light on the spiritual life of Jews who lived under exactly the same conditions of culture as those of Angevin England. For the remainder of the illustrations 1 I have to thank the skill and zeal of Mr.

Frank Haes I ) spent a broiling day at the British Museur photographing from books or MSS.

Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. — If any Christian accepts from the infidel Jews their unleavened cakes or any other meat or drink and share in their impieties, he shall do penance with bread and water for forty days ; because it is written ** to the pure all things are pure." . 1 would suggest that if Gregory had stated the prosaic fact' WDrld-ramous remarks about the chubby, blond-haired lad; posed for sale on the Roman slave-market, he would have said, " Non Angli nee aage/i sed — Jud^erum rerr;'."] 810.— Jews flee &otn Germany to England and Joseph Cohen A5; S, Emt-h Hiibncha (Hcb.) p. [This is the only evidence I can find for the existence of Jews in England at this time, and it is very late and uncorroborated, since there is no contemporary evidence of any such persecation of the Jews in Germany as is here presupposed.] 1075.— Jewa settle in Oxford and Cambridge. I regard the mistake as another proof of the unreliability of the record. 5 canons thereof land in Walton, in the north suburbs of Oxford, warranteth it to them •' against Jews." [Wood quotes a Christ Church MS.