writes a constant value in the checksum field rather than computing a value based on the block data.

Strict settings also accept valid checksum values but print an error message when a valid non-matching checksum value is encountered.

Using the strict form can make verification faster if all Versions of My SQL Enterprise Backup up to 3.8.0 do not support backing up tablespaces that use CRC32 checksums.

My SQL Enterprise Backup adds CRC32 checksum support in 3.8.1, with some limitations.

Refer to the My SQL Enterprise Backup 3.8.1 Change History for more information.

The size limit of individual files is determined by your operating system.

You can set the file size to more than 4GB on operating systems that support large files.

If there are multiple SQL statements in the current line, the first statement will be executed.

You can configure SQL Workbench/J to automatically jump to the next statement, after executing the current statement.

The previous statement can be recalled by pressing key) this will not clear the statement history.