The US Supreme Court has ruled that marriage is a constitutional right, but some local officials from Texas to Kentucky are still refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, citing religious objections.Officials in at least one Kentucky county have suspended issuing licenses altogether.

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Since the birth of this nation, marriage was a right reserved for heterosexual couples.

Gay couples, no matter their love and dedication to one another, had no legal right to marry or reap the benefits that came with marriage — including the ability to petition the U. government for legal permanent residency for an immigrant partner.

If a decision cannot be rendered immediately on a reopened adjustment of status application, USCIS will either (1) immediately process any pending or denied application for employment authorization or (2) reopen and approve any previously revoked application for employment authorization.

If USCIS has already obtained the applicant’s biometric information at an Application Support Center (ASC), a new Employment Authorization Document (EAD) will be produced and delivered without any further action by the applicant. As a general matter, naturalization requires five years of residence in the United States following admission as a lawful permanent resident.

Regarding your rights as an AMM Minister, the most important question to ask is "I am a minister.

If I officiate a wedding and the marriage license is been properly completed and returned within the timeframe specified by the State, will you dutifully record the license? Though not required, we encourage you to order a Minister Licensing Package.

And any policy changes that lead to different government services, or delays, for gay couples is a legal problem, said Douglas Ne Jaime, professor at UCLA Law School.

“Provided same-sex couples and different-sex couples are being equally served in their ability to get a license — that’s the key.

To that end, effective immediately, I have directed U. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to review immigration visa petitions filed on behalf of a same-sex spouse in the same manner as those filed on behalf of an opposite-sex spouse.” Q1: I am a U. citizen or lawful permanent resident in a same-sex marriage to a foreign national. citizen who is engaged to be married to a foreign national of the same sex. Just as USCIS applies all relevant laws to determine the validity of an opposite-sex marriage, we will apply all relevant laws to determine the validity of a same-sex marriage. You may apply right away for benefits for which you believe you are eligible. USCIS will reopen those petitions or applications that were denied solely because of DOMA section 3.

Can I now sponsor my spouse for a family-based immigrant visa? You may file a Form I-130 (and any applicable accompanying application). Can I file a fiancé or fiancée petition for him or her? The domicile state’s laws and policies on same-sex marriages will not bear on whether USCIS will recognize a marriage as valid. Do I have to wait until USCIS issues new regulations, guidance or forms to apply for benefits based upon the Supreme Court decision in ? Previously Submitted Applications and Petitions: Q5. My Form I-130, or other petition or application, was previously denied solely because of DOMA. If such a case is known to us or brought to our attention, USCIS will reconsider its prior decision, as well as reopen associated applications to the extent they were also denied as a result of the denial of the Form I-130 (such as concurrently filed Forms I-485).

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia However, states that had a ban on same-sex marriage were still not required to recognize a marriage performed in a state that had legalized it. The state of Ohio, where the couple lived, refused to recognize the marriage performed in Maryland. The implications are huge, but we’ll confine our discussion to how it impacts immigration issues. By all means, file the petition, Form I-130, and any related applications.